How about that new Dog Park?

We receive weekly inquiries about the new Dog Park.  When will it be open?  Is it done yet?  It sure looks done! Believe me when we say – we are excited about it too!  It looks like a whole lot of fun in there. We can’t wait to take our dogs either!

Alas, the park not completed just yet and it will be awhile before it opens.

Construction is not complete, the plants need some time to grow, there’s punch list and finally the City acceptance phase which will take about 120 days.  Once it is accepted by the City, we accept the park into our park system.

If you want more information, we always encourage folks to attend the Mission Bay CAC meetings.  They take place every 2nd Thursday of the month, 5pm at the Mission Creek Senior Center at 225 Berry St.  You can receive park updates, learn about what’s happening in the community and meet other residents.

As always, our Mission Creek Dog Park is open to the public every day from open to park closing at 10pm.  Anywhere else in the park, please leash your pup.  See you out there!

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