Sports Court | Event Permit Application

Sports Court | Event Permit Application

Mission Bay Parks offers high-quality sporting facilities including courts for basketball, sand volleyball and tennis. Sports courts are available for league play and sports tournament events. We offer one full and two half basketball courts. The full court has stadium lighting on demand at night.

The sand volleyball court and hard-surface tennis court are located at the northwestern end of Mission Creek. The tennis court also has night lighting available. Please review, complete and submit the Event Permit Application form below to reserve a time and place for your sports event.

How it Works

  1. | Applicant must complete + submit Sports Court | Event Permit Application icon-arrow-circle-right
  2. | MBP event planner follows up via email/call within 72 hours to discuss and clarify event scope and needs for pricing
  3. | Applicant and MBP confirm all event services and equipment providers including locations and load in/out dates
  4. | Applicant schedules a walk-through meeting at MBP to review the site, venues and event requirements
  5. | MBP issues and delivers, via email, an Invoice for the Event Permit to applicant
  6. | Applicant delivers payment and valid Certificate of Insurance to MBP including all event services or equipment providers
  7. | MBP event planner will review the event with the applicant to confirm final details, changes, and site map
  8. | MBP issues and delivers an Event Permit to applicant via email
  9. | Applicant signs and returns Event Permit to MBP
  10. | Applicant holds event on scheduled event date
  11. | MBP provides on site management to address issues, additions or revisions if required

Permit Requirements + Terms

Permit applications must be submitted 30 days prior to event date.
Events with special requirements should provide a layout description and/or drawing of your event set up.

For larger and/or more complex events, an in-person meeting and walkthrough of the venues and park are mandatory.

MBP Event Staff will provide a written estimate and invoice based on the information provided by the applicant in the online Event Permit Application form. Event fees will vary based on size, space requirements, amenities, security, and staffing required.

A Certificate of Insurance is required from the Event Permit applicant and all event services or equipment providers including caterers, performers, musicians, and equipment rental companies. If the applicant does not carry valid homeowners or renters insurance from a qualified provider or their policy will not cover an off-site rental, please click here for information on how to purchase a one-day event insurance policy.

Sports Court reservations will be posted 72 hours prior to event date in the court area by MBP.

An Event Permit will be issued to the applicant when the following is completed:
  • | Receipt of Sports Court | Event Permit Application
  • | Receipt of payment
  • | Receipt of a valid Certificate of Insurance for the applicant and all event service and equipment providers
  • | Receipt of an original signed Special Event Permit summary document
Payment must be received by MBP 7 days prior to event date.
MBP only accepts checks or money orders.

Insurance + Indemnification

An Event Permit will not be issued without verification of insurance coverage from a qualified provider. Certificates of Insurance must be received 7 days prior to the event date.

Valid proof of insurance must include all of the following:
  • | Certificate of Liability Insurance issued from the applicant’s insurance carrier
  • | $2 Million Dollar “umbrella” rider for the activity
  • | Naming Mission Bay Parks as the certificate holder
  • | Naming Parklab Open Space Management, Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, The San Francisco Port, and the City-County of San Francisco as additionally insured on the certificate
Payment + Cancellation Policy

Payment shall be made by a personal or business check and must be received by Mission Bay Park Management 7 business days prior to the event.

The client may cancel the event by providing written notice of cancellation to MBP no later than 5 calendar days prior to the event.

If an event is canceled, a cancellation/administrative fee will be charged to the Client. Other payments made by the Client shall be refunded if appropriate. Unless cancellation is a function of a public disturbance, terrorist act, strike, or Act of God (extreme weather, earthquake, etc.), no fees will be refunded.

Sports Court | Event Permit Application

Please complete all fields in the application form. No Event Applications will be considered or delivered unless all fields marked with an * are filled in. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.

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