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A new + improved Mission Bay Parks website, designed + developed by TeamworksCom

Mission Bay Parks recently re-launched their website and blog. This updated website was designed to be an engaging information resource for visitors, residents, sponsors, and businesses surrounding the neighborhood. This rich new site addressed a number of strategic goals for Mission Bay Parks including:

  • | Make it clear why Bay Area residents and Mission Bay neighbors should visit or attend an MBP event
  • | Increase and enhance community outreach, support and engagement
  • | Connect social media for event attendee engagement and sharing
  • | Optimize site for delivery to mobile devices
  • | Integrate and support site use metrics

Mission Bay Parks steps out

Cathy Hickey, Site Manager for Mission Bay Parks, added: “Developing a new web site for Mission Bay Parks was a primary objective for extending our online reach and visibility. As we’ve added more green spaces and facilities to our park system, we’ve wound up being all over the place in how and where we were presenting our content to the audience we were trying to reach.

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TeamworksCom helped us present MBP in a way that was simple and memorable in a voice that was unique to us. Their process gave us an accurate reflection of who we were. We then recognized what made us different and why someone should consider coming to one of our parks or attending an event. What’s more, their inclusive approach helped us get the cool, modern, mobile-friendly web site we were looking for. We love the result and MBP visitors have told us they do too!”
Cathy Hickey | Mission Bay Parks Site Manager

A new visitor friendly event calendar

Mission Bay Parks Event Calendar

The new web site, event calendar, blog and open-source content management system was designed, developed and produced by TeamworksCom | Teamworks Communications, Inc. They develop brand strategy, engineers content to express customer value and creates integrated online and content marketing solutions to help businesses succeed.

Paul Pruneau, President of TeamworksCom, had this to say about the new Mission Bay Parks web site: “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Mission Bay Parks. We look forward to helping them continue their growth with a new web site that will attract and inform visitors. Our goal was to reflect all of the unique qualities that make Mission Bay Parks different from all of the other parks and event venues in the Bay area.”

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5 thoughts on “Mission Bay Parks launches a new website and event calendar

  1. Nicole,
    What a great job you all have done on this new website. It’s current, informative, and a great resource for us in Mission Bay. Thanks so much for this great addition to life in MB!

  2. Hey there, great new site for the neighborhood. The map says there is a pedestrian bridge planned for the creek? When is that supposed to happen?

    1. If the pedestrian bridge is built it will likely not be for many years. A proposed date is not yet known.

  3. I like the new website. Any update as to the estimate opening date of the Children park on Long Bridge?

  4. We are being told “Late Spring.” We will certainly make an announcement here when we have an exact date. We are planning an opening celebration with the community, and will post details about that as well.


    Andrew (Interim Site Manager)

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