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For more information or to discuss a sponsorship idea you may have, please contact Mission Bay Parks or just call 415.684.9896
Reach 400,000 Pet People
Dog owners use 400,000 pet waste disposal bags from 26 dispensers in Mission Bay every year. MBP is seeking a sponsor to fund the disposal bags, which have been cut from our upcoming budget. Your organization’s logo, product or message will be prominently displayed on our high visibility dispensers, on our community bulletin board and on this website. With your help, MBP will remain clean and enjoyable for our two -and four-legged park patrons and you’ll achieve your marketing goals.

Sponsor an Event
MBP organizes a wide variety of free events for the Mission Bay community throughout the year. Reach your target audience by sponsoring an event. Mission Bay is home base to an incredibly diverse population of scientists, medical personnel, tech workers, families and seniors. In 2015, events include: Spring Egg Hunt, Kite Day, Circus Bella, Movie Night, Howl-o-ween, and Halloween Kids Carnival. On August 21 at Mission Bay Commons Park, we’ll be holding Mission Bay Movie Night that attracted hundreds last year.