At Mission Bay Parks, we encourage all dog owners to follow proper dog etiquette and respect all pet regulations while visiting our parks. And we appreciate it when they do because it helps ensure a safe and memorable experience for everyone and their pets.

Some of the best of Mission Bay Parks

Our two dog parks—Channel Street Dog Park + Berry Street Dog Park—are some of the most popular areas within our family of parks.

Thousands of locals, residents and visitors from everywhere come to Mission Bay Parks to let their furry friends let loose in expansive play areas that feature trees, dog water fountains, seating, and much more.

Because these areas are so popular, we focus a lot of attention and eco-friendly practices on our all of our parks—including the Dog Parks—to keep them open, clean, green, and available for everyone to enjoy.

But before you consider bringing your best friend or four-legged companion to Mission Bay, there are a few things that you should become familiar with before you visit.

Proper dog etiquette for a safe visit | Mission Bay Parks
Our Dog Parks are some of the most popular areas in our family of parks | Mission Bay Parks

Common-sense guidance for good dog etiquette

In our parks, owners are solely responsible and liable for the actions of their dogs. What’s more, all visitors use the Dog Parks—or any Mission Bay Park—at their own risk.

In addition, there are a few other essential rules to follow to ensure a safe and positive experience for every visitor.

  • | Love your leash | All dogs must be leashed at all times—except when in the Dog Parks
  • | Restrain without exception | Dog owners must carry a leash for each dog
  • | Don’t bring an army | Each park visitor is limited to 6 dogs per person
  • | Respect wildlife + habitat | You are in their home
  • | Avoid destruction | Don’t let your dog dig or cause damage to park property
  • | Always clean up | MBP provides some waste bags but always carry your own if needed
  • | Restrict access | Dangerous or aggressive dogs are not allowed
  • | Be responsible | All dogs must be up-to-date with core vaccines
  • | Recognize limitations | Dogs in heat or that are ill are not allowed
  • | Communicate often | Guide your dog with voice direction + keep others informed about your dog’s behavior
  • | Leave it behind | No glass containers or people food allowed in the Dog Parks
  • | Comply with public guidance | Wear masks + social distance to prevent COVID spread
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Proper dog etiquette | Mission Bay Parks
Be observant + practice hands-on pet management for the safety for your dog and others | Mission Bay Park

Always be mindful of your pet

The common-sense rules outlined above make sense for all park visitors with dogs. Proper dog etiquette also requires dog owners to practice hands-on pet management to avoid letting their animals get out of control.

This should include continuous observation of your dog and the body language of any dogs that they are interacting with.

While you may love your pet and think that they can do no wrong, it’s important to remember that many people are fearful of dogs. And, as any pet owner can verify, some dog owners have room for improvement when it comes to the management and care of their pet.

So if you notice any of the following signs of out-of-the-ordinary behavior in a dog while visiting Mission Bay Parks, an intervention or restraint may be required.

  • | ears pulled back
  • | wide-eyed stare
  • | tense mouth
  • | tucked tail
  • | excessive lip licking or yawning
Out-of-the-ordinary dog behavior | Mission Bay Parks
Pay attention to signs of out-of-the-ordinary behavior in your dog or others | Mission Bay Parks

The best way to avoid an uncomfortable or confrontational situation is to be prepared to remove your dog from an aggressive encounter and take them away from the immediate vicinity. This simple act can mitigate surprises or prevent harm to your pet.

Just like people, some dogs don’t always get along with other dogs. Therefore, there’s no reason to regret not removing your pet from a tense situation or impending confrontation.

What to do if things go south

As we have disclosed above, owners are solely responsible and liable for the actions of their dogs in Mission Bay Parks.

So if a dog causes injury to any person or another animal in MBP, the dog owner or handler must provide identification to the victim on demand.

In addition, all serious injuries must be immediately reported to the Mission Bay Parks staff. The best way to reach us is below.

This is box title
   Phone | 415.543.9063
   Email |
   Online |

Take action in an emergency

To report an emergency, crime in progress, or suspicious activity in progress, call 911 or San Francisco Animal Control at 415.554.9400.

To reach Mission Bay Parks Security, please call 415.559.3341.

Proper dog etiquette | Mission Bay Parks
Download our easy-to-use MAP before you head over to Mission Bay with your furry friends | Mission Bay Parks

Find our Dog Parks in Mission Bay

Before you head over to Mission Bay Parks with your pet, download our easy-to-use MAP to learn how to get to one of our Dog Parks before you arrive.


Stay up-to-date + in-the-know

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We look forward to seeing you and your furry friends in Mission Bay to enjoy all that our parks offer. And please remember to do the right thing by being courteous and well-mannered to other dog owners and their pets.

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