Mission Bay is an ongoing development of residential and business properties in the South of Market community in San Francisco.

Upon completion, the Mission Bay Park System will encompass approximately 40 acres of open space and recreational facilities for use by the general public. Small “pocket parks”, shoreline walkways, bicycle paths, children’s play areas, sports courts, and soccer fields are all part of the master plan for this area.

Traffic Circle | Mission Bay Parks
The newest member of Mission Bay Parks

New member of our Family of Parks

The San Francisco Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure and Mission Bay Development Group (formerly ProLogis) continue to work together to ensure that this new neighborhood will allow residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from carefully planned public spaces.

In 2013, they commissioned the newest open space in the Mission Bay Parks System located along Mission Bay Drive. The green median and landscaped traffic circle greets pedestrians, bikes, and vehicles entering the neighborhood from 7th Street, providing attractive green relief to improve the aesthetics and calm traffic along this neighborhood roadway.

Fronting the traffic circle are bio-swales for stormwater infiltration. Not only do these best management practices (BMP’s) improve the pedestrian experience as one traverses the area, they also provide a valuable infrastructure function for the Mission Bay neighborhood.

A hidden gem waiting for you to find it

Join us and explore our system of public parks and recreational opportunities. Mission Bay Parks is a one-of-a-kind destination full of open spaces, green places, and located right on the edge of San Francisco Bay. It’s a place for everyone to enjoy.

Open every day from sunrise to 10 pm, Mission Bay Parks is one of San Francisco’s hidden gems just waiting to be discovered by you.

One thought on “New park provides green relief for community

  1. Under the principles of adjacency, additional parks between the Mission Bay Boulevards should already be under construction, yet no such progress is apparent. What is the reason for the delay?

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