How about that new Dog Park?

New Mission Bay Dog Park

Dogs will have to wait until the City approves a punch list to open the New Dog Park at Mission Bay

We receive weekly inquiries about the new Dog Park.  When will it be open?  Is it done yet?  It sure looks done! Believe me when we say – we are excited about it too!  It looks like a whole lot of fun in there. We can’t wait to take our dogs either!

Alas, the park not completed just yet and it will be awhile before it opens.

Construction is not complete, the plants need some time to grow, there’s punch list and finally the City acceptance phase which will take about 120 days.  Once it is accepted by the City, we accept the park into our park system.

If you want more information, we always encourage folks to attend the Mission Bay CAC meetings.  They take place every 2nd Thursday of the month, 5pm at the Mission Creek Senior Center at 225 Berry St.  You can receive park updates, learn about what’s happening in the community and meet other residents.

As always, our Mission Creek Dog Park is open to the public every day from open to park closing at 10pm.  Anywhere else in the park, please leash your pup.  See you out there!

UPDATE: 12/7/2018 

Thank you for the inquiries.  We hear your frustrations – PLEASE UNDERSTAND – We have a limited role in the construction of the parks.  We provide feedback during the planning phase but beyond that, we have no part in the construction of the parks.  We accept the parks into our inventory when they are finally accepted by the city.

We recommend attending the Mission Bay CAC meetings for updates on the parks and other happenings in Mission Bay.  The meetings are the second Thursday of every month (except September) at 5pm at the Mission Creek Senior Center, 225 Berry St,  enter from the Esplanade.

We are all anxious and excited not only for the opening of the dog park but all the parks.


4 Responses to How about that new Dog Park?

  1. Lia's Dad June 17, 2018 at 5:49 pm #

    The park that takes years to open…it’s the running joke in the neighborhood

  2. Frankie Hanson June 27, 2018 at 8:22 pm #

    It’s interesting to hear “we have to wait until the plants grow”. Seriously? How does that make the park unusable?

    Mission Creek is great, but not so good for those of us with small pups… The gravel isn’t great for their paws and my dog has gotten his paws hurt a few times. The number of walkers who look at weird when you arrive also doesn’t make it the most welcoming and comfortable place to go to. Why can’t the city acceptance phase start WHILE the plants grow? And why can’t the park be in the park system already?
    Seems like a lot of useless bureaucracy.

    It sure is the running joke of the neighborhood… while the fence company makes thousands of dollars on our tax money and has free advertising, we stand here, with no off-leash place for our pups.

  3. Elisabeth Bykoff November 11, 2018 at 8:59 am #

    Good morning, could we please get an update on when this dog park will be open? It’s been 6 months since the last update and it would be nice to understand what is left to occur before it can be usable. Thanks!

  4. Jen May 7, 2019 at 4:56 pm #

    Hi! It has been a year since this article was first published. any updates on if this Park will ever open?

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